A good prayer

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Dear Jesus


You are the Son of God, and you went through an agonizing passion

for me and everyone in the whole wide world.


In the Garden of Gethsemane you sweated great drops of Blood due to

your agony. You were arrested and the soldiers put a crown of thorns

on your head, and they hit you and spat at you.


Peter denounced you and your Disciples ran away and left you alone.

You had to carry a heavy cross.


You were crucified on a cross and died for me and suffered an agonizing death,

to pay the price for my sins. You who were so innocent, became tainted with my sins to take my punishment and blame instead of me, to save me.


My precious Jesus I adore you so much that I am eternally grateful to You

that You have saved me from hell and paid such a price for my freedom.


I repent, and I am truly sorry for my sins that have caused you so much agony.

I cry to you from the depths of my heart and I ask you to please help me not to commit the smallest sin, so as not to ever hurt you again.


Jesus, thank you for having risen from the dead on the third day, and thank you for having conquered sin and death for me. You are perfect love itself. Your love is stronger than anything in the whole wide world, and nothing can separate us from your love, as it completely surrounds us.


You are my only model and teacher, for you are my shepherd and you said that your Holy Spirit would teach us. Please teach me and help me to learn the truth and do your will, as you are the bright light that lives in my heart forever because you are the Way, the Truth and the Life .





By Mrs Marie-Hélène and Dominic Bradshaw



This prayer is based on Luke 22: 1-24: 53, John14: 6 and 26

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